Colour Psychology and Bedding Colour

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Your bed should be a place where you feel relaxed and calm. Many people don’t know that the bedding colour can affect how we feel when we’re in bed. Before purchasing bedding sets, UKbased customers should learn more about how colours can influence their health, behaviour, and sleep.

Here’s how to choose the perfect bedding colour based on findings of colour psychology.

Think About the Desired Effect

Colours have a huge impact on our mood, even if we don’t realise it. Colour psychology represents the study of how certain colours impact us. We’ve analysed the most popular hues to establish whether they would be the right fit for a bedding set.


Red is one of the three primary colours, and it’s definitely among the most evocative colours on the spectrum.

Red is associated with passion, desire, energy, and strength. In terms of health, red is believed to enhance metabolism and raise blood pressure. As such, red may not be the best colour choice for a bedding set, especially for those who have problems falling asleep.


Green is another primary colour, typically connected to nature, health, and purity. It can also be associated with growth, inspiration, and relaxation.

Since green symbolises tranquillity and harmony, it can be an excellent colour for a bedding set.


Blue is the third primary colour. Unlike red, blue represents calmness and serenity. Here’s an experiment: close your eyes and think of a tranquil scene. Chances are there’s a lot of blue in the scene you’ve imagined, maybe in the form of water.

The effects of blue are the opposite to those of red. It lowers the heart rate, slows down our metabolism, and symbolises peace and spiritualism. Hence, blue can be a great colour choice for a bedding set.


Brown has been traditionally related to seriousness, maturity, and wisdom. When we visualise this colour, we can usually associate it with a respected paternal figure or someone who exudes class and distinction.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that brown often symbolises stability, support, and reliability. Lighter brown shades are often featured in bedding sets and are an ideal option for anyone looking for a neutral, calming colour.


Yellow is considered the brightest colour on the spectrum. This brightness inspires creativity, produces a warming effect, and stimulates mental activity.

Due to this stimulation, bedding sets that feature bright yellow shades may look interesting, but they aren’t the right choice for anyone with sleep issues. Yellow will make them even more alert and awake.


Orange can often be seen in bedding sets. This colour, a combination of yellow and red, represents the golden middle between extremes.

It represents communication, joy, creativity, sunshine, and encouragement. Orange bedding sets can be a good option for those who don’t have trouble falling asleep.


Since purple is a combination of blue and red, some may say it has the best of both worlds. This colour symbolises power, typical of red, but also leans towards the relaxation and calmness of blue.

Lighter purple shades are ideal for a bedding set because they create a sense of stability and freedom and provide a soothing effect.

Shades Matter

Although each colour has its own characteristics and a unique effect on our mood, don’t forget that shades play an important role.

Bright shades are much stronger than gentle, lighter shades. If you have trouble sleeping or always feel tense and stressed out, it may be best to stay away from bright shades. They can stimulate mental activity and make your problem even worse. Instead, choose lighter, more soothing shades and focus on colours with a calming effect.

Solid Colours or Patterns

Bedding sets in solid colours are classic, elegant, and simple. They can give the room a sophisticated style and create a zen-like atmosphere. Plus, solid colours are easy to combine with different details.

This doesn’t mean patterns are bad. Patterned bedding sets keep the room looking fresh and attract attention. Keep in mind that bold patterns aren’t the best choice for those who can’t fall asleep easily.

Choose High-Quality Bedding Sets

Choosing the right colour for a bedding set isn’t as easy as it sounds. If they want to surprise someone with bedding sets, UK customers should consider the person’s character and, of course, the décor. Regardless of the colour and the pattern, ensure the bedding sets you give someone are of exceptional quality.

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